The purpose of this publication is to share the life-changing truth of the Bible in a relevant, simple format.




Are you a number-crunching nerd, or a live-in-the-moment free spirit? Either way, you probably get satisfaction from paying off a debt, hitting a savings goal, or having the opportunity to share something of value with others. And that’s what this whole magazine is about!

We know that managing money can be among the most stressful, difficult issues in life – but it can also be a source of great joy! Usually, that joy is hard-won, and it comes from planning and perseverance.

And so, we keep toiling away – a step forward, a step back. A career breakthrough, followed by a car breakdown. Sometimes it feels like we are spinning our wheels, wishing for a better future but not sure how to get to a better place money-wise. (You aren’t alone, if that’s the way you feel. Stay encouraged! Stay in the fight!)

Financial freedom, as we like to call it, isn’t just about getting rich. Wealth could be a by-product of wise choices, but that’s not really the point. Financial freedom is about liberty from the bondage of debt, overspending, and disorganization. It’s about having a real plan, and working it as a good steward. It’s about honoring God with the wealth He does give us, whether big or small. And along the way, it’s about knowing we’re taking steps in the right direction!

Where are you on that journey? Needing to get started? Needing a boost of encouragement? Read on!



If you’re like the rest of us, you feel pressure every day – pressure at work, pressure at school, pressure at home, pressure about future decisions, and of course, pressure about all those things you should be doing that you aren’t.

Then there’s the twin sister of pressure: worry, which our culture has honed to an art form. Worry about money, worry about children, worry about “what if” and “what could,” worry about what will be and what might be – why, we even have statistics to tell us how worried we should be about, well, you name it!

Between all the things that could go wrong, added to all the things that are actually wrong, plus all the things you and I are supposed to be doing to make them better...that makes for some high-stress living. It also makes for heart problems, high blood pressure, strained relationships, and a total loss of perspective on God’s design for our lives.

There’s good news for those of us who’ve stayed up at night worrying, or who don’t think we can bear another day at the office, or who have unspoken fears.

This issue of LifeChange is about the good news; a solution for stress

and a way to win against worry. This solution and good news comes from God. The Bible teaches that God made a way for all people to be blessed instead of stressed.