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Ban Lifted, LifeChange, Thanksgiving

It has been exciting to walk through the Old Testament narrative over the past few weeks – stories of faith and doubt, struggle and victory, deliverance and destiny. We aren’t done yet! David and Daniel are still two more “dots” that need to be connected to give the full picture of God’s redemptive plan, from the Garden of Eden up through the birth of Jesus

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Next for America, Next for BCBC

Certainly every election cycle brings out the best and the worst in various people – this particular one seemed to trend toward the latter. We all learned some important lessons (I hope) and we all will now rise to the occasion history has granted us (I pray).

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About This Election

For most of my life, I’ve heard, and even preached, statements like these:

“The real answers for our nation aren’t in Washington D.C.!”
“Political solutions will never heal America.”
“It’s not about the White House, it’s about your house.”
“Elections and Presidents can’t save us, only prayer can save us now.”

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