A Healthy Diet?


You probably can't order everything on the menu at your favorite restaurant, just like you probably shouldn't engage with every ministry opportunity at the church.

As churches grow, they tend to attract more ministry leaders, more exciting ideas, more opportunities. There are Bible studies, work groups, leadership groups, prayer meetings, life-stage groups, fun events, kids ministries, youth outings, senior citizen trips, and much more! That all makes for a pretty full menu of options...but, what should you choose?

Well, it's important we end up with a balanced diet in the end, if we are going to grow in our walk with God. That's where some discernment and prayer are needed, and priorities.  Here's a way you might think of prioritizing your spiritual diet plan:

Power up with your protein. 
__ Attend Sunday morning worship.
Wisdom for life's decisions is critical to your growth as a believer. That's what Sunday sermons specifically target - the application of God's Word to our lives, so that we'll know how we can best walk with Christ and fulfill our mission in life. And, as we lift our voices in worship together, we grow in our perspective of God's greatness, mercy, and power!

Chow down on delicious, vitamin-dense vegetables.
__ Be a part of a Bible study or ABF class.
Knowledge of God's Word will fill you with the nutrients you need to keep growing in Christ, which is why we lay great emphasis on our Bible study options - ABFs on Sunday mornings, and Bible studies at other times and places throughout the week.

Get plenty of heart-healthy fiber.
__ Join a Life Group to make great friends.
Love for one another is best experienced in the context of friendships; praying together, playing together, serving together, eating together. That's what Life Groups are all about - loving each other, and loving one more, just like they did in the early church, as described in the book of Acts.

Save room for dessert.
__ Make time for some celebration and fun!
It's a wonderful thing to be a part of a church - praising Jesus together, serving His mission, and enjoying friendships both now and in eternity. So let's keep looking for ways to have fun together as a family - whether the church is "sponsoring" the activity or not.

Eat, then Serve!

Of course, we need dedicated servers who'd love to help dish up wisdom (by helping with Sunday morning services for adults and kids), knowledge (by teaching Sunday school, ABFs, or Bible studies), and love (by leading or hosting a Life Group). Participating in ministries like these are great ways to show love one to another.

What of all the other ministry opportunities in the church, and out?  By all means, go for it!  But just be sure you are getting the basics, so you can remain spiritually healthy. There's a big reason that all of this matters so much, after all.  We aren't "growing in Christ" as an end in itself, there is a mission He has in mind for us. We grow so that we can go!  THAT's our theme next week - to see how God has called each one of us to be an influence in the world, a bright light for Christ!

Today, I'd encourage you to check your diet. We all want to be "healthy and growing and full of love" (Eph. 4:16) so that we're ready to boldly tackle our three Great Commission goals.

Bon appetit!

Dan Jarvis
Teaching Pastor