Join a committed community of Christians intent on delving deeper in their understanding and application of God's Word. We call these groups Sunday Morning Bible Studies.


9:30 am Sunday
Room: 306

We are studying discipleship, following Jesus like never before. If you would like to follow Jesus better or help others do the same, then this is the class for you!


Craig Anderson

About Me

As a former BCBC youth pastor (1983–1993) and a current Elder of the church, I have a deep heart for Berrien Center Bible Church. Over the years I’ve taught many Bible Studies and have spoken from the pulpit. Today I am a financial planner who loves working with my wife, the Mocks, and the Nortons as we endeavor to build a meaningful community among Christians who are Living Intentionally For Eternity (L.I.F.E.) Together. This group has been the most engaging and rewarding group I've had the privilege to teach. My desire as a teacher is to foster an atmosphere of honest discussion and service to one another in Christian love.


9:30 am Sunday
Room: 305

What does it mean to image God? This question is at the heart of the gospel, our purpose, and our future. However, in seeking to answer this question, we must also attempt to decipher some of the most difficult but foundational passages in the Old Testament: How can the union of “Sons of God” and “Daughters of Men” equal Nephilim/giants? (Gen. 6:1–4); How is the sin of Ham connected to the land God gave Israel? (Gen. 9:18–28; Josh. 1:1–9); How does the Tower of Babel lead to God choosing Abram to father a nation? (Gen. 12:1–3); … and many more!


Pastor Bill Zebell

About Me

As a member of BCBC for the last 20 years, I've been blessed to serve as deacon, elder, ABS teacher, and administrator. In my current role here is Pastor of Ministries, I feel especially privileged when I'm able to shepherd, counsel, and teach God's Word within this church family. I enjoy digging into Scripture and allowing God to use me to help others better understand His Word and will for our lives.


9:30 am Sunday
Room: 304


Lonnie Simonson

About Me

I am blessed to serve alongside my husband at the Berrien County Jail ministering to female inmates. Since 2009 I have also joyfully spent my Sunday mornings sharing the love of the LORD and His precious Word with the ladies of BCBC in a women’s Bible Study. I’ve never considered myself a teacher, and I am so grateful for God’s Spirit that helps and leads me week after week. Even after eight years, I am still humbled at the thought that God would use me to lead these precious ladies. As we dig into God’s Word, we learn and grow together, loving and encouraging one another in a time of sweet fellowship and prayer. My passion and longing is to be known as a “woman of the Word,” and I pray the same would be true for each lady who comes into this class.


9:30 am Sunday
Room: 303



Russ Simonson

About Me

I enjoy the outdoors: hunting, fishing and golfing, but most of all I enjoy sharing the reason for the hope that is within me. As the full-time Chaplain in the Berrien County Jail, I get to do this every day. I have also had the privilege of facilitating a Men’s Bible Study Discipleship Class since 2009. My passion is to see men grow from a simple belief in Christ into a genuine follower of Him as they walk and live out His Word. My prayer is that together we would be encouraged to become men who fear the LORD, walk in obedience to Him, and who love and serve Him with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength.


11:00 am Sunday
Room: 305

Join us as we look at the history of the Reformation Movement and its significance today. This year marked the Reformation’s 500th anniversary, and Protestants and Catholics alike have said it was all a big misunderstanding. Is this true? And why does it matter?

Kevin Runyon

About Me

I am a retired fire fighter for the Niles City Fire Department, have been married to my wife 46 years, have four grown sons, and I am passionate about teaching the Bible. I’ve attended BCBC for 25 years, and I’ve had the privilege of teaching the Bible most of that time. As much as I love teaching at BCBC, probably my greatest experience was being used by God to teach in the underground church in China over a series of trips spanning several years. It is such a thrill to see the gift God gave me go forth from my meager mouth and to know that I am being used as GOD’s tool to grow His children, spiritually.

About Me

God has privileged me to have taught at every level from 1st grade to doctoral students, and I have always found teaching to be the most enjoyable of any job. It is tremendously uplifting to see people learn, and to realize I had a small part in that. Of course, people should realize that teachers always learn more from teaching than those being taught, and I love this. I’ve served as a professor or dean at Lake Michigan College for 14 years, and 18 years on their board. After having pastored two churches in the Grace Gospel Fellowship, I made BCBC my home church in March of 1975. In those years I’ve taught countless Bible Studies, and I’ve even had opportunity to speak from the pulpit many times.


Dr. David Maysick


Tim Zebell

Sunday Morning Bible Studies Director

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