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We gather at 9:30 or 11:00 every sunday

Dan & Melissa Jarvis

Hey friend, I'm glad you're here

I'm Dan Jarvis, pastor here at BCBC, and my wife Melissa and I are so glad you're checking things out.

No matter where you are starting from, I want you to know you are most welcome. No one here is perfect - so you don't have to worry about being judged or looked down upon. Perhaps your next step is overcoming an addiction, or discovering how the Bible is relevant to your career, or repairing some strained family relationships. Or perhaps your next step involves learning about how to have a personal relationship with God, or finding a way to use your gifts and abilities to serve other people. Every one of us is on a different step of our faith journey - moving toward God's best plan for life.

Melissa and I believe that church is a family, not just a place. It's a family where we root for each other, stand with each other, learn and grow together, strike out on mission together, and sometimes, just hang out for fun together. And in our church family, we're always making room to love one more. Maybe that's you?

My guess is that there is someone in the BCBC family who could really be an encouragement to you - and there's probably someone else who needs YOUR encouragement. So when you come, think of it as an assignment - not just to find what you're looking for, but to help someone else along the way.

If you keep scrolling below, I'll take a stab at answering a few of the most common questions people have when they are thinking about visiting on a Sunday, and of course, if you'd like other info, contact us!

See you soon!

What should I wear?

Something comfortable to you!  We're not formal. Most people just wear everyday attire. (Fair warning: if you wear sports gear from non-Michigan based teams, you might get some raised eyebrows... :-)   

Will you ask me for money?

No. Our church family supports itself, and a variety of mission efforts here and around the world, through donations that people give either online or through offering boxes we have around the building. But no guest should ever feel obligated to contribute, so don't worry about it.  Once you catch wind of some of the fun things we've got going, and the difference-making plans we're involved in, it's possible you'll want to contribute.  :-)

What do I do when I first walk in?

You'll probably be greeted warmly by someone at the door, who is also available to help you find your way around. Also, if you have kids, our greeters can show you what is available for your family at the service you are attending.

Is the preaching going to be boring or confusing?

Haha, well, if it is, I want you to walk right up and tell me after the service :-). We have a teaching team of various pastors and volunteers who really aim to craft clear, interesting, and relevant messages that engage multiple generations. Sometimes we "preach" in a classic sense, sometimes we interview interesting people, sometimes we take extra time to pray, or hear a testimonial, have musical extras, or do something creative. Personally, I'm really interested in making sure that every service we host at in our building really makes an impact on people's lives.

How do I make friends or find connections?

When you are visiting, you can drop by our welcome desk and chat with some people who can introduce you to our team, or give you a tour, or answer questions you might have. There are tons of opportunities to make friends - social events, service projects, small group Bible studies, in-home Life Groups, Bible education classes for all age groups, etc. I've found the best way to make friends in a new church is just to jump into some of the events right away, particularly the ones that get you into smaller group, conversational settings.

What denomination is BCBC?

We are a non-denominational church. We are committed to the Bible as the standard of our faith and practice. At every service you attend, you’ll hear the Bible taught. That's why "Bible" is our middle name. :-) As far as other churches go, we pray for them and we love partnering with them to do good in the community wherever we can.

Where should I park?

We have multiple parking lots available surrounding our church building. If you have children that you will be checking in for any of our children's activities, we encourage you to park near, and enter at, door 5 on the south side of building. If you don't need to check-in any children, the have designated spots, near the front door, just for our guests. Once you enter, one of our greeters can assist you, or even give you a quick tour. Just ask!