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Bill Zebell

Ministries Pastor

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A Little About Me

How did you first come to BCBC? Why did you stay?

Through some friends who were long-time members of BCBC, we knew it was a church where the Bible was clearly taught and lived out. When we moved to Southwestern Michigan, we checked out BCBC along with some other churches in the area but quickly decided to join BCBC because of the strong godly character and commitment to live consistently within biblical principles that we clearly saw in the people. We wanted our three boys, as well as ourselves, to be taught and influenced by that kind of people. That was over twenty years ago, and we are grateful to still be serving BCBC.

What is your role at BCBC?

As Ministries Pastor I oversee administration, congregational care, and the various programs that the church offers.

What inspires you?

I’m inspired when I see a team of capable individuals come together with determination, humility, and unity to accomplish what God calls them to.

What’s your dream car… and why?

My dream car is the Audi TT Convertible which we already own but which has been sitting inoperable in our barn for the past few years, but it looks increasingly doubtful that we'll get it back on the road.

What’s your favorite season? Why?

My favorite season is Spring because it is filled with so much positivity, new life and hope.

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