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A Little About Me

Dan Jarvis has served the Lord as a pastor, author, and traveling speaker throughout the world. He currently leads Life Action’s speaker team and is the managing editor for Revive magazine, a publication that helps believers seek God and His kingdom. Since Life Action is headquartered near the church, he is also able to serve alongside our team here as a pastor and encourager.

Dan is a graduate of Moody Bible Institute and also holds a Master of Divinity in Pastoral Leadership from Liberty University. He has been joyfully married to Melissa since 2004, and together they have fostered more than forty children, adopting six.

What inspires you?

Seeing how people rise up to take on bold challenges. I feel inspired by all things NASA and SpaceX, inventors and scientists, American history, bold new ideas that could transform the world, and I love reading biographies of the people who were a part of great things happening. One thing I passionately believe is that God has given every one of us skills, abilities and opportunities to make both an earthly and an eternal difference. For my part, I hope to inspire others by passing along some confidence, vision and excitement about the future. As Jesus said, "With God, all things are possible." (And, surprisingly, did you know that statement from Jesus is actually the official motto of my home state of Ohio?)

What book has changed you the most?

Other than the Bible, right? 🙂 What comes to mind first is "Courageous Leadership" by Bill Hybels. Up until reading it, I was torn between whether I would go into full-time church work or politics. In that book, the author made the case the "local church is the hope of the world, and its future rests primarily in the hands of its leaders." That premise drives me - that the church (not the organization, but the people) has been given so many opportunities to impact the world with compassion, light, love, joy, and truth, and that as a church leader, I get to be involved in equipping people to grab hold of those opportunities.

If you had no limits, what would be your dream vacation?

It depends on whether it involves the kids or not! If it was just Melissa and I, I can imagine eating breakfast at a beach resort on the sunny east coast of Sri Lanka, then trekking off to see the elephants and mountaintop tea plantations across the island. I've been able to travel to India and Sri Lanka multiple times in connection with my work for India Gospel League, a network that helps equip church leaders, care for needy children, and assist villagers with economic development. Those trips have been inspiring and amazing - but one person was missing...my wife. So someday, when the kids are a little older and life is a little simpler, I'll be excited to bring her along. And we might mix up the "mission trip" and "vacation" definitions a bit. Since connecting flights usually involve either Paris or Dubai, I'd probably plan a few days of fun in those locations along the way.

If the kids were involved, I think a month-long road trip all the way around the U.S.A. would be a blast - to check out national parks, drive along both coasts, connect with family and friends everywhere, stop in at places like the Air & Space Museum in D.C., the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Rt. 66, the San Diego Zoo, Key West, the Reagan Library, the Alamo, Mt. Rushmore, Oahu. (O.K., so I just threw in Hawaii, and the price of this idea just grew an order of magnitude. But that's OK, because in this daydream there are no limits, right?)

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