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Dianna Dekker

Office Manager

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A Little About Me

How did you first come to BCBC? Why did you stay?

We moved to this area from Minnesota in 2008. After visiting several churches we felt that BCBC might be a good fit for us. We began attending regularly in the fall of 2009. A few months after that I hired on as a part-time administrative assistant, and after a few more months and a “Getting to know BCBC” class we decided to become members. BCBC’s Biblical standards and strong missions focus are values we share. I feel blessed to be able to use whatever talent God has given me to serve His people at BCBC.

What is your role at BCBC

Office Manager

What inspires you?

Generous people – people who quietly give you their time, lend you anything they own, or help with whatever you lack. They’re earthly examples of God’s goodness and mercy.

What’s your dream car… and why?

Jeep CJ – I had one when our kids were growing up and we had so much fun driving around with the top off, singing at the top of our lungs!

What’s your favorite season? Why?

Summer – I like tropical weather and being barefoot!

What’s one of your proudest moments?

Watching my kids take care of each other – and they do it all the time, with so much loving care.

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