When we laser-focus on walking with Christ and proclaiming His gospel, other aspects of life start to get clearer as well. Sure, the things of this world grow strangely dim, but the things that matter in eternity grow brighter and more obvious.

As we wrapped up our Titus series last week, our picture of what being a multiplying church means sharpened up as well. Yes, it’s about leadership, and discipleship, and teaching, and the grace of God. But most of all its about a focus on the life-transforming gospel that keeps us right in the center of the Great Commission (Titus 3:3-8).

If we drift off course by giving undue focus to other things, we not only slow our momentum, but we lose our purpose. (That goes for churches and for individuals/families).

Time to Get Real

We can’t allow our desire to be focused and effective to only live in our sermons and in our prayers – we have to “take it to the streets.” But where, and how?

Action 1: The Fair Outreach. This is a toe-dip for us into the multiplication mentality we’d like to cultivate. I’m really glad to see a number of people signing up (here). There are more slots available, particularly on Saturday the 20th and in the later evenings throughout the week. Join in the fun! The special offering for the Fair has now topped $4,000, which is a HUGE blessing. We are still praying for a bit more, however. Would you pray about contributing to that?

Action 2: Love One More. We’ve talked about this before – the challenge to start praying that God would bring “one more” into your life that you could shower with His love. Loving one more is a practical way to take all of our good intentions about sharing Christ and turn them into concrete realities. So that would be an action we could take today, and see where the Holy Spirit leads from there. Just tell God you are ready and He’ll guide you from there. Something else: the latest Revive magazine (I am the managing editor of that publication) is focused entirely on “love one more.” If you look closely, you’ll find articles from two other BCBC members as well – see if you can find them! (check it out here).

Action 3: Start Dreaming Bigger. I met a man in India once who told me his life dream was to see 1,000 churches planted before he died. Talk about a multiplier! I have to confess, in that moment my own dreams felt awfully small ;-). What I really liked about that guy was his heart of faith, his desire to see God do “the impossible” with the small loaves and fishes he could offer up. He had started seven churches already, and was training another leader who was going to help him plant an eighth! The simple Titus “blueprint” – in action!

Maybe we could dream like that, for God’s kingdom? To share love with people? To take the gospel to the nations? To see men, women, boys, and girls discipled in our church? To see the presence and power of God at work?

It will be exciting to see what happens next. With Jesus at the helm, you never know.

All Eyes On Him!
Dan Jarvis

Interim Teaching Pastor