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Prepare for financial freedom

While methods of preparation are largely a matter of personal opinion, many people haven’t gotten that far yet. They haven’t prepared at all, for anything.

Teaching children about money

Preschool Aged Child and Young children tend to think very magically. They very well might think that money grows on trees!

Here Today Gone Tomorrow

All of us have felt the sting of disappearing cash a time or two, and we all know that money is far easier to lose than it is to find. The wealth of this world is fleeting and unreliable.

Help Desk-Money

I have multiple credit cards with high interest rates. Should I bite on one of those “debt consolidation” offers, or move it all to a lower- interest card?

Almost There

LifeChange interviews Matt & Courtney Stein, an “average” couple who, at the time of interviewing, were almost debt- free! They have been pursuing debt freedom according to the plan laid out by Financial Peace University, a program avail- able in thousands of churches across the nation.

Just a Little Bit More

JOHN D. ROCKEFELLER, the ultra-wealthy oil tycoon, was asked exactly how much money would be “enough.” His answer was predictable: “Just alittle bit more.”

The Debt Snowball

If you have debt you’re normal but normal is broke and I like being weird -- so do hundreds of thousands of other people who are following my Seven Baby Steps to a Total Money Makeover.

Avoid debt like the plague

Today a different plague is sweeping across the world – hitting Europe and America especially hard. It is the ugly plague of debt.

Your Exciting Spending Plan

It’s simple, and it will set you free. Free from weekly worries about where money is coming from and where its going. Free from unremembered bills and unaccomplished financial goals. A spending plan is not a limitation on the fun you can have; in fact, it’s a plan that makes your life a whole lot more fun and more peaceful, secure, intentional, and successful.