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The Dating Machine: Part II

Tools for the Tune-Up Tool #1: PATIENCE Better to wait for the best than suffer like the rest.  Psalm 37:3-5, 37:34, Galatians 5:22-23  Starting too early is one of the dangers of dating, and being ready physically doesn’t mean that you are ready emotionally, financially or spiritually. Most people end up suffering through rejection, guilt,…

Ending the Crazy Cycle: Part III

4 Biblical Conflict Resolution Strategies Once we’ve identified the four marriage killers, we need to adopt biblical strategies to replace them and resolve conflict. 1. Calm down…and come back!  Prov. 29:11 – Only a fool gives full vent to his anger It’s a biological fact that when in marital conflict, your heart rate and blood…

Ending the Crazy Cycle: Part II

The 4 Marriage Killers In our last article, we talked about escalators and avoiders in marital conflict. So what is our next step? What do we do once we’ve identified our own tendencies in this area? First, we need to stop the four marriage killers. CRITICISM Criticism is attacking the person verses focusing on the…

The Dating Machine: Part I

The Problem  Day after day, night after night, a machine has been running – for as long as you can remember. Dad used it, Mom fussed over it, even Grandpa has a few stories tinkering with it when he was “your age.” The quality or the products of the machine are never really questioned; as…

Ending the Crazy Cycle: Part I

Escalator or Avoider? Albert Einstein was known to repeat that famous definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. But his insight doesn’t take a genius—anyone who has ever been married already knows the insanity that a downward spiral of marital conflict can become. And similar cycles can be experienced…

Prepare for financial freedom

While methods of preparation are largely a matter of personal opinion, many people haven’t gotten that far yet. They haven’t prepared at all, for anything.

Teaching children about money

Preschool Aged Child and Young children tend to think very magically. They very well might think that money grows on trees!

Here Today Gone Tomorrow

All of us have felt the sting of disappearing cash a time or two, and we all know that money is far easier to lose than it is to find. The wealth of this world is fleeting and unreliable.

Help Desk-Money

I have multiple credit cards with high interest rates. Should I bite on one of those “debt consolidation” offers, or move it all to a lower- interest card?

Almost There

LifeChange interviews Matt & Courtney Stein, an “average” couple who, at the time of interviewing, were almost debt- free! They have been pursuing debt freedom according to the plan laid out by Financial Peace University, a program avail- able in thousands of churches across the nation.

Just a Little Bit More

JOHN D. ROCKEFELLER, the ultra-wealthy oil tycoon, was asked exactly how much money would be “enough.” His answer was predictable: “Just alittle bit more.”

The Debt Snowball

If you have debt you’re normal but normal is broke and I like being weird -- so do hundreds of thousands of other people who are following my Seven Baby Steps to a Total Money Makeover.

Avoid debt like the plague

Today a different plague is sweeping across the world – hitting Europe and America especially hard. It is the ugly plague of debt.

Your Exciting Spending Plan

It’s simple, and it will set you free. Free from weekly worries about where money is coming from and where its going. Free from unremembered bills and unaccomplished financial goals. A spending plan is not a limitation on the fun you can have; in fact, it’s a plan that makes your life a whole lot more fun and more peaceful, secure, intentional, and successful.

Feeling safe

Imagine that you settle in to your warm bed, breath a sigh of relief from a busy day, and shut out the lights. You are drifting peacefully to sleep. Suddenly, you hear something...

Stress help desk

Practical advice on dealing with stress in your daily life.

Finding peace in a fearful world

Have you ever been desperately trying to hold things together in the dance of your marriage, your family, your career, or your reputation? We wonder what we will eat, what we will wear, what will happen tomorrow, and how we’ll pay for it.

Rx for worry

Dr. Cullen practices family medicine and deals with stress-related health conditions everyday. We asked him what advice he has for people under pressure and this article is the result of that conversation.
Prepare for Stress

5 Ways to Prepare for Stress

I had a lot to think about in the MRI scanner. It was just a precautionary test, but alone in my thoughts, I had to consider the worst. As the knocking sound pulsed around my motionless body, I wondered what the operator was seeing.