Love One More?

Love One More?

Dear Church Family,

I am so grateful to be getting involved in the BC family, at least for this brief season, and to engage with you on mission for Christ. My whole family has felt the warmth of your welcome and your hospitality, and for that we are very grateful.

On Sunday we opened the Scriptures to Luke 10 and saw, through a simple and familiar story, the call to live the fundamental principle of our faith: love. Are we willing to "love our neighbor" as much as we love ourselves? To care for others as if they were a part of our own household? To serve others as if they were members of our own family?

Throughout the Loving Generously series, we've consider practical ways to love as Jesus commanded. In the end, we recognize there are nearly infinite opportunities to love, and there are plenty of people in great need - all around us, every day. Where do we begin applying the principles of sacrifice and servanthood? Of the millions on earth today who need love, who do we start with?

The answer is a simple as the parable itself. I may not have the ability to care for every broken soul, or meet every need I encounter - but I could, simply, love one more.

That little phrase, love one more, has become a bit of a rally point for our family. It challenges us to always be thinking of ways to grow the circle of those we love - to keep reaching out, to keep saying "yes," to keep engaging. I wonder if you'd be willing to join us in that start praying about "one more" God might allow into your life? Someone you could love, in the way that Jesus loves you?

What's Next?
In the weeks ahead, we'll jump into the larger picture of what God is doing in the world today - what He designed you and I to accomplish as people, what His vision for our lives looks like, and, as a church together, how our vision going forward can sync with God's Word and God's plans. During times of transition it is important to turn back to the Bible and ask, humbly, "Lord, what would you have us do?" Prayerfully, our next series, entitled "The Big Picture," will help us down that road.

In the meantime, I want you to know that Melissa and I are available to serve as much as we can. I do bear some other responsibilities (in Life Action, and with a mission group called India Gospel League) that will still require a portion of my focus. But we are available to pray, share, befriend, or encourage you and your family in the days ahead. And, we are very excited to see where God is leading BCBC next - we certainly sense His Providence at work.

Wherever the road leads, we are excited, and we are trusting in the promise of Matthew 6:33.

In Christ,

Dan Jarvis