We want to help men strive to become all that God designed them to be loving husbands, intentional Christ-like fathers, and leaders in their areas of influence.

Our Passion:

  • Christ-like vision: Seeing clearly what God wants and what we trust Him to produce through us according to His power and purpose.
  • Christ-like strategy: Creating, capturing, and sustaining momentum to bring the desired movement and change to accomplish our mission.
  • Christ-like leadership: Being intentional to call men out and up in taking the right “next step” for personal growth, connection with other men, and acceptance of responsibility.
  • No man left behind: Desiring every man in our church to be connected in healthy, growing, serving, and encouraging involvement and outreach.
  • Authentic manhood: Rejecting passivity, accepting responsibility, serving humbly, leading courageously, and expecting God’s greater reward.


Bill Zebell

Pastor of Ministries

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