The heartbeat of BCBC is to see lives changed, for God's glory. We think of our mission this way:

We gather to grow...

All of our services, studies, and other events aim at helping people grow in wisdom for making life decisions, in knowledge of God's Word, in love for others, and in influence throughout the world.  Our emphasis on the Bible is key to this mission, as it "equips us for every good work" (2 Timothy 3:17).

...we scatter to sow.

The Good News of Jesus, and the transformation He brings into families and communities, is too good not to share! We aim to creatively communicate His life-changing truth, and to boldly share His love with everyone we encounter. "Sowing" is a farming reference to seed-planting - and we hope that everyone who attends BCBC can become a seed-planter of gospel truth and good works in our community.

At BCBC we value:


We know God's help and direction are critical for our church - and for every one of us personally. Everything that happens at BCBC - from our leadership team meetings down to our young children's classes - involves prayer.


There is a reason that "Bible" is our middle name - we value it highly! And as you attend BCBC, you'll find that we teach and believe what the Bible says about life, about church, and about Jesus!

The Gospel.

Jesus died and rose again to make new life possible for anyone who has faith in Him. We teach and live this "Good News," and we do all we can to share it with others. The gospel is the key to life transformation on earth, and it is the key to eternal life in heaven!

Changed Lives

We love celebrating the testimonies of people who have trusted in God, encouraging people who have taken steps of faith, and challenging one another to move forward.

Generous Living

Jesus taught that it is more blessed to give than to receive - and we aim to practice that, not just preach it!  If you value service, love, compassion, and generosity, hopefully you'll find some great outlets for that through BCBC.

Spirit Dependence

We can't accomplish great things for Christ in our own strength, by our own wisdom, or with mere human strategy. We humbly recognize that we need the Holy Spirit to be involved in and empowering all we do if it is going to have an eternal impact (which is another reason we value prayer!).

Integrated Community

Friendship, learning, service, missions, mentoring - these are all important for us as we follow Jesus. We weren't created to be alone - which is why we aim to make small groups and friendship-building opportunities available to everyone.