Mission Statement:

"We gather to grow and scatter to sow."

Values for BCBC:

  • Prayer—continuously communing with God in everything we do
  • Scripture—the revelation of God, His ways, and His rescuing work
  • The Gospel—life with God, both now and forever, through Jesus
  • Changed Lives—people being transformed by God
  • Generous Living—sacrificially meeting the needs of others
  • Spirit Dependence—reliance on God’s Spirit for true transformation
  • Integrated Community—intentionally interconnecting people through shared experiences.


Prayer: We humbly acknowledge that speaking to, listening for, and communing with God should permeate and precede all of our efforts, empowering us to know and carry out the will of God.

Scripture: We wholeheartedly affirm that in the written Word, God reveals Himself, His Kingdom ways, and His rescuing work through Jesus, guiding us into deeper relationship with Him.

The Gospel: We firmly believe that God’s rescuing plan revolving around the Person and the Work of Jesus gives us life with God, both now and forever, permeates every area of our lives, and affects everything we think, say, and do, as well as every person we encounter.

Changed Lives: We actively join God in leading others to salvation, maturity, and leadership in Jesus; and joyfully celebrate the stories of God moving every man, women, child in turning from sin and selfishness to Him.

Generous Living: We believe it honors and pleases God to sacrificially invest our time, talent, and resources meeting the physical and spiritual needs of others in our homes, church, community, and world.

Spirit Dependence: We consciously rely on the Holy Spirit as the only One who can transform us and others through compelling biblical teaching/preaching, authentic worship, meaningful service, refining relationships, and personal time with God so that we become more like Jesus.

Integrated Community: We intentionally interconnect people through shared experiences in worship, fellowship, learning, service, missions, and life-on-life encounters, providing opportunities to express authentic love and unity.