Next Steps Together


It was great to celebrate with our church family last Sunday - to review what God has done, and to look forward as well. Some of our team put together a terrific photo gallery of BCBC history - you can view it here:  - (password: bcbc)

If you missed it, I'd really like to encourage you to listen to this audio entitled "Future Vision & Next Steps" - including four growth areas, and three Great Commission goals.

Before jumping into that, we read Romans 12 together, praying for that to be the definition of our church family in the years to come - that we would be the sort of people who, in full surrender to Christ, would serve one another in love and would overcome evil with good.

Then, we walked through four key areas of growth focus, which we will unpack more thoroughly over the next few weeks. We will endeavor, in God's grace, to grow in wisdom for life's decisions, to grow in knowledge of God's Word, to grow in love for one another and for our neighbors, and to grow in influence, as we seek to shine the light of Christ brightly.

When it comes to the Great Commission, we believe, simply, that our church mission is the Great Commission (making disciples of all nations). Pursuant to that mission, we are setting forth three goals:

1. Make room for more disciple-making in and through our church family. 
We always want to be open to loving one more, to serving one more - and in everything we do, we want to anticipate and prepare for that "one more" that God will bring our way.

2. Creatively reach every household in our region with the Good News of Jesus Christ.
In a measurable, tangible way, we want to make sure that every person in our region has, at the very least, an invitation to follow Jesus - an opportunity to hear the gospel. 

3. Aggressively aim at the planting of new churches, locally and globally.
If every community on earth had a church dedicated to goals #1 and 2, the whole world could be reached with the love and gospel of Christ. We need this third goal because that isn't yet the case - there are still villages, neighborhoods, nations, and people groups that need more churches planted, in order for the Great Commission to be completed.

(A more thorough explanation is available in the audio where I explain this vision plan, and in the weeks to come, we will be presenting additional specifics, ways you can be involved, etc.)

On behalf of our leadership team here at BCBC, I want to invite you to jump into all this with us. For God's glory, there is much work to be done.

Grateful and excited,

Dan Jarvis
Teaching Pastor