Here’s a countdown of seven things we can celebrate together this week, about our church, and about how God is working among us!

7. We have a great mix of generations and backgrounds.
From senior citizens to seniors in high school, we’re seeing God move in hearts and lives through our church. This will be on full display Sunday (6/5) when our youth take the stage – and one of our graduates (Brad Wurzel) even brings us a message from God’s Word!  On the other side of the spectrum, I received a very heartfelt letter this week from a senior citizen in our church who is looking for ways to expand her global impact!  Let’s keep encouraging people of all generations to engage in God’s mission for life.

6. Our world is full of opportunities for outreach and missions.
It is easy to be discouraged at the direction our world is taking, at all the negatives we’re faced with every day from our media, etc. However, there is a flip side – in deep darkness, light shines brighter! More than 150,000 people live around us in Berrien County, and billions more in the world beyond. Each one of these precious souls needs an opportunity to encounter Jesus Christ. Let’s seize the next opportunity that God gives us!

5. We have a loving, engaged church family.
There are so many servant-hearted, humble, joyful members in our church family – some serving in worship ministries, others leading Bible studies, others practicing hospitality, others in behind-the-scenes ministry work, and so on. Let’s keep spurring one another on toward “love and good deeds” as we sense the return of Jesus drawing nearer (Heb. 10:25).

4. God has provided us with great tools and resources for ministry.
Our church facilities, our staff team, the thousands of dollars generously donated every week to BCBC, the relationships and opportunities our church has, and most of all, YOU and your spiritual gifts — God has blessed our church richly. We get to use all of these amazing resources for His glory!

3. Our strategic priorities and next step plans are clarifying.
Among the leadership of our church, there is a sense of fresh direction regarding where we can go together as a congregation, some of the exciting possibilities we could pursue, and how we can begin the journey. Of course, much prayer is needed along the way, and there are still some big decisions to make, but we are very excited! (Proverbs 3:5-6)

2. The Bible is central to the things we’re believing and doing.
As long as God’s Word is central in our discussions, strategies, and ministries, we’re still on the right track. It is encouraging that in a world with so many conflicting ideologies the BCBC family has remained true to the Bible. Let’s continue to keep the main thing the main thing!

1. Jesus is Lord.
More than any human factor, we can be encouraged that Jesus is Lord of all, and that each one of us has the amazing opportunity to know and serve Him. He has extended so much grace to us. Because of Him, we have life!

For His glory,

Dan Jarvis
Interim Teaching Pastor