Bible Quizzing seeks to embed the Word of God in the hearts and minds of youth through competitive fun!


Every month our youth, grades 3 through 12, learn passages of Scripture and train to answer Scripture-related questions in preparation for a monthly competition against Bible quiz teams from many other churches. Teams go head-to-head in two-way matches consisting of 20 questions. They begin by sitting on benches, and whoever jumps up fastest wins the chance to answer the question and earn 20 points for his team. The team with the most points after 20 questions wins the match. The team with the most cumulative victories at the end of the year takes the championship! Throughout the year, teams also have opportunity to compete in regional Bible quiz tournaments.


We are studying the book of John.

Quiz practices will begin September 5!


Our Goals Are To:

1) Learn God's Word & develop Christian character

2) Participate in Christian competition that honors & glorifies Christ

3) Develop team unity through the Holy Spirit to accomplish a joint goal

4) Have fun studying the Bible with friends & meet new friends from other churches

5) Grow spiritually & become a more disciplined and focused Christian warrior

Frequently Asked Questions

David Cooke

Bible Quizzing Director